Friday, December 28, 2012

Featured Book: My Modern Woman by Giscard Nazon

Currently featuring 'My Modern Woman' by Giscard Nazon

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My Modern Woman is a poetic essay whose aim is to reaffirm Christian principles while bringing awareness and emphasis on current issues and challenges inherent to both human life and the Christian faith.

"a book that begins with its cover, back and front"

"more than a celebration of womanhood"

"This poem made me think, like Psalm 119 (which I love) I had to read some passages over again."

"I enjoyed this book and I do recommend it." 2012-12-17

"I found myself drawn more to the Lord and wanting to please Him and learn more about Him. Wonderful book. I would recommend this book to anyone." 2013-01-20

"It is filled with poetry of rich visions of Christian teachings and insights interwoven with modern politics and advice for proper living."

"Very insightful. I whole heartedly recommend this book."

"This is such a book. Get it, read it and then read it again." 2013-01-27

"This book is one you will have to read a number of times, each time understanding something new." 2013-03-04

"It is a very nice try to depict the struggles of modern Christians." 2013-03-23

"Giscard has written a nice little work that will cause the reader to think afresh about issues we all face in this world. The author not only challenges but exhorts the reader through poetry that can both sting and heal." 2013-06-19

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